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Stromanthe Varieties: 6 Captivating Choices

Stromanthe plants belong to the Marantaceae family and are popular indoor houseplants along with other favorites like Calatheas, Ctenanthe, and Maranta. If you’re looking to grow them indoors, you’ll most likely be referring to the Thalia species and Stromanthe Stromathoides ‘Charlie’, though the latter is a recent addition to the indoor gardening world and may be hard to find.

To make your search easier, it’s worth noting that you might find these plants under Stromanthe Sanguinea, which is a synonym for Stromanthe Thalia, the accepted name for the species. However, before going to look for your favorite Stromanthe variety, you should also know that they can be finicky in terms of growing requirements. 

In a nutshell, adding a Stromanthe to your plant collection is a great way to bring vibrant color and life to your indoor space, so is it definitely worth considering adding one of these beautiful flowering plants to your home.

1. Stromanthe thalia (Wild Form)

Let’s start our list with the elegant Stromanthe thalia, known for its simplicity and striking features. With thin, elongated leaves in a bright green color and pale veins, the underside of the leaves boast a remarkable purplish-pink hue. This variety grows upright, with stems that reach up to one foot in height, while the leaves spread out up to 16 inches.

Although blooms are a rare occurrence for Thalia, small white flowers with cherry-red bracts may appear between March and April, adding a touch of delicate charm to its already beautiful appearance. Overall, the Stromanthe thalia variety is a stunning choice for plant enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and uniqueness in equal measure.

2. Stromanthe thalia ‘Triostar’

Stromanthe thalia ‘Triostar’ is a highly sought-after variety known for its breathtaking variegated foliage, featuring a full and lush display of pink, cream, and light-green shades.

The leaves are elegantly pointed and splashed with a dreamy mix of pale green, cream, and pink on top, with deep pink, maroon, or magenta hues underneath. At night, the plant folds up its leaves, revealing its stunning pink undersides, adding even more dimension and beauty to its appearance.

The ‘Triostar’ is a cultivar of a wild member of the Stromanthe genus, making it a unique and rare plant with striking characteristics that set it apart from other varieties. Even though it doesn’t really exist in the wild, it has become one of the most popular varieties out there, due to its impressive foliage.

3. Stromanthe Thalia ‘Magic Star’

With its cream-colored specks adorning the leaves, Stromanthe thalia ‘Magic Star’ is a plant that is both visually stunning and distinct. Although it may have less variegation compared to ‘Triostar’, it still manages to captivate its viewers. The lines that beautifully cut through the leaves add to its appeal, creating a mesmerizing effect and making you want to stare at it for hours.

The foliage of the cultivar also changes color as it matures, gradually becoming a slightly darker shade, which gives the plant more personality, while the underside of the leaves retains a gorgeous maroon hue, further enhancing its appearance.

4. Stromanthe Thalia ‘Horticolor’

Stromanthe thalia ‘Horticolor’ will add a splash of color to any location where it is placed, being among the most visually remarkable varieties out there.

The leaves of this plant are dark green and contrasted by spots and strokes of cream, yellow, pink, and light green shades. Moreover, the underside of the leaves has a distinctive red-burgundy color, making this variety a true explosion of colors.

5. Stromanthe Thalia ‘Multicolor’

Stromanthe Thalia ‘Multicolor’ shares a lot of similarities with the Triostar variety. However, it stands out with its unique variegation pattern, which includes multiple white and creamy stripes on its leaves, making them look predominantly white.

6. Stromanthe Stromanthoides ‘Charlie’

Stromanthe Stromanthoides ‘Charlie’ is another unique variety known for its eye-catching green and white variegated leaves. Unlike other Stromanthe varieties, ‘Charlie’ has rounded leaves with striking white lines that sometimes appear neon-green.

It was first introduced in 2013, making it a relatively new addition to the gardening world. Its name pays tribute to Charlie McDaniel, an enthusiastic horticulturist and Florida teacher who had the plant in his personal collection.


In a nutshell, Stromanthe may not have as many options as other plants, but don’t let that deter you! Each variety highlighted in this article has its own eye-catching charm. And if you’re still curious for more, be sure to check out our list of Calathea varieties. These plants are from the same family as Stromanthe and are just as unique and captivating. So, keep on exploring and discovering the perfect plants to add to your collection!

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