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How Plants Can Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Hello my fellow apartment buds! 

Let’s talk about productive slumps. What can we do about them? And how to boost your creativity and get out of that smelly funk and replace it with some fresh air so you can finally start writing that book or simply get your work done.

When it comes to being productive, creativity is an important aspect that helps you in overcoming difficult tasks and being more efficient. The creative process is different for each individual but we can all agree that when we get low on the creative juices our mood sours quite a bit and our performance drops. 

I’m here to share with you my preferred method of making sure that my creativity and overall mood are in top notch condition when working so I hit my max productivity. 

As you’ve probably already noted in the title; you can improve your productivity with plants! Simple, gorgeous household plants. 

In multiple studies the level of productivity and creativity is linked to our work space, stress levels, well-being and ability to concentrate. The great thing is that a green corner on your desk or office counters some of the negativity and helps you improve your productivity and general mood.

Here’s how adding a bud(dy) or two will help:

Separates your workspace from living space

Adding plants to your workspace will make the area more aesthetically pleasing and improve on the overall design of the place, changing your attitude towards going all the way to your desk or workspace to get things done. No more working in bed with your laptop in your lap or on the couch! Having a few little green friends will encourage you to get off your behind and pay them a little visit for inspiration.

Getting work done in the proper designated space does wonders on your productivity. Your mind will become accustomed to working in that particular place and once you leave your bedroom and walk in your office or workspace you will get into the perfect state of mind for working!

There have been a lot of people and articles that vouch for having different spaces in your house for different activities and setting up boundaries. Once you widen the range of activities performed in a particular space you give way to procrastination, breaking those boundaries allows you to reach for the other activities besides work.

Here’s an example. If you bring your work in the bedroom, your mind will partially drift to the activities that you do in the bedroom like read, sleep or watching some movies during your working hours. This will get you out of the working mind state and cut your productivity. And after you’ve clocked out and you’re getting ready to relax in your bedroom your mind will keep busy with your work. You will have more trouble with sleep and wake up tired and stressed. In the long run this will really hurt your overall mood and health.

This is why you will need your special corner for work, to get you in the correct state of mind and get those juices flowing! 

This is an indirect way to improve your productivity with plants, as it relies on the aesthetic and design of the place boosted by indoor house plants that will make you more susceptible to working in your designated space, nourishing the ideal state of mind for working.

Reduces stress levels

Stress is a big inhibitor of productivity. You just can’t think straight and focus on work when everything in your life is being held by a piece of thread. Student loans, late mortgage, your childhood friend is already married with two kids and a penthouse. Get it together, Susan! 

Joking aside, you can’t let stress rule your life and get you down. Studies have shown reduced stress levels in rooms that are filled with plants. They compared rooms with and without plants where stressful situations occur – like a hospital room. The stress levels reported in plant-filled rooms were way lower than the room without. 

So, instead of inviting your stress into your work life, why not improve your productivity by inviting a few plants to sit on your desk. 

Improves your overall well-being and mood

Everybody knows that plants give us the oxygen in our air and some of them even clean the air around them from pollutants and toxic chemicals. Surrounding yourself with a few plants that purify the air can provide you with the breath of fresh air your brain needs to start your creative process

The improved air quality will allow you to take deeper breaths and lessen breathing problems – this comes in handy with the once a week panic attack caused by late deadlines. Anxiety and depression have been linked to high levels of air toxicity.

Not only these plants help with your physical health by improving the quality of the air but they help you at a psychological level as well. Leafy green plants are amazing at boosting your mental health and emotional stability, having a calming effect on your mood. A healthy mind is important for a good creative flow and strong productivity.


Now, how many of you are struggling with concentrating on a task for more than 10 minutes? I know I am. Try adding a bit of color to your green corner.

Studies show that having a plant red in hue can improve your productivity in situations where high concentration is required. 

When your brain is overtaxed while doing demanding tasks, you tend to need frequent breaks to recharge and gather your thoughts.However, by simply  having a few plants on your desk, you are more relaxed during these demanding situations and you’ll need just to take a glimpse at your lovely plants to recharge. 

This may not be a replacement for the actual breaks that your mind needs, but it will help increase your concentration span and productivity levels. 

I know that after reading all of this you just can’t resist wanting to improve your productivity with plants! They are the best, I know! While improving your productivity through this holy grail of a method for plant lovers, I must warn you. Overeagerness and overdoing are real things. 

Overcrowding your desk with plants might cause the actual opposite and distract you from your work. We at Apartment Buds recommend  a maximum 3 air purifying plants for your desk (two green, yellow-green and one red, purple or black in hue). This way you get the maximum benefits calming, fresh air and maximum concentration. And for your office space, honestly, GO WILD. If you want to decorate a room, I say the more the merrier! 

Improving your productivity might seem nice and all, but in the end we must remember that we’re dealing with living things that require care and nourishment. Before you purchase your plants make sure you research thoroughly on how to care for them so they can care for you. 

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