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How to Display Air Plants: A Creative Guide to Decorating With Air Plants

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, have surged in popularity due to their unique appearance and low-maintenance care requirements. Unlike other houseplants, air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, eliminating the need for soil. With hundreds of species of Tillandsia available, each boasting its own unique shape, size, and color, the possibilities for displaying air plants are virtually limitless.

In this article, we explore various creative and stylish ways to showcase air plants, from macrame hangers to air plant chains. Whether you’re a seasoned indoor gardener or a beginner, you’ll find these air plant display ideas useful and inspiring.

1. Macrame Air Plant Hanger

Macrame hangers offer a DIY approach to displaying your air plants. These hangers are customizable, allowing you to dictate their length, placement, colors, and more. They provide a fun and creative outlet for you to express your personality and style.

2. Using Pots and Containers

Air plants are highly versatile – any object that can hold an air plant can be used as a pot. This includes conventional pots and unconventional items like fancy bowls or even driftwood. You can experiment with containers made from various materials, such as quartz, stone, or wood, to find the perfect match for your decor.

3. Head Planters

Head planters offer a quirky and unique way to display your air plants. With the plant serving as the ‘hair’, these planters are a fun conversation starter. Choose a planter that suits your style and preferences, be it a dog, cat, or even a Baby Groot planter.

4. Aerariums

Aerariums are essentially terrariums designed for air plants. They are easy to create and maintain, allowing for a variety of decorative elements like fancy pebbles, sand, and decorations. However, ensure the base is dry to prevent the Tillandsia from laying on moist surfaces, which could lead to rotting.

5. Air Plant Holders

Air plant holders are specially designed for displaying your air plants. These holders, often resembling egg holders, come in a variety of shapes and designs, making it easy to find one that complements your style and aesthetic. They are perfect for creating a minimalist display on your desk or bookshelf.

6. Glass Containers

Glass containers provide a minimalist, stylish approach to showcasing your air plants. They offer a 360-degree view of your Tillandsia, allowing you to appreciate its beauty from every angle. These containers come in various shapes and sizes, offering a wealth of display options.

7. Air Plant Box

If you have a large collection of air plants, creating an air plant box might be the most efficient display method. Like aerariums, air plant boxes can be filled with decorative elements like stones, moss, and sand to create a beautiful base for your plants.

8. Wire Mesh Frames

Wire mesh frames can be used as a wall-mounted display for your air plants, adding a decorative element to your home. Attach the plants to the mesh and hang it on the wall for an eye-catching display.

9. Decorative Stones, Shells or Driftwood

Mount your air plants on decorative stones, shells or pieces of driftwood for a natural, rustic look. This display method echoes the plants’ natural habitat, where they often grow on trees and rocks.

10. Ceramic or Wooden Holders

Ceramic or wooden holders come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, offering countless display possibilities. These holders can add an artistic touch to your display.


Air plants, with their unique charm and low-maintenance requirements, offer an exceptional opportunity to bring a touch of nature to your indoor spaces. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting your green journey, these versatile houseplants can fit into any aesthetic and setting. You can even add air plants to your bathroom!

The creative display ideas listed above are just a starting point – let your imagination run wild and create your own stunning air plant displays. Remember, the key to healthy and happy air plants is the right balance of water, light, air circulation, and temperature. Embrace these plants’ uniqueness, and they’ll reward you with their mesmerizing beauty.

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